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Boer Does (Fullblood & percentage)

Sweetbriar Farm Cher

Sweetbriar Farm Cher   10301528 (ABGA)
DOB:  1/21/05                   correct white with red head/ disbudded    
sire:  Ram H Matisse 718M  10157765Ram
          ss:  Ram H Honker 625L  TR14159
                 sss:  Ram H Squire  TR10840
                 ssd:  Ram H Cambria  TR8725
          sd:  Ram H Kara 286L  TR14115
                 sds:  Ram H Shooter  TR12044
                 sdd:  Ram H Chamray  TR12403
dam:  Sweetbriar Farm Cygnet   10145037SWT
          ds:  Big Trees Aspen  10003990DKT
                 dss:  Big Trees Cricket TR1560  TR1560
                 dsd:  Big Trees Diamond SA  TR1556
          dd:  WCQ Tri Quest Tru-La  10074107WCQ
                 dds:  Tri Quest Akee  10023142WCQ
                 ddd:  Tri Quest Tsjativa  10003306WCQ
Cher is full blood South African.  She has 2 teats (1+1), good pigmentation and was one of twins.  Matisse came from the Ram H herd in Canada.  He had good conformation and was well muscled.  He threw  wide and well-muscled offspring.  Both Matisse and Cygnet have 2 teats.  Cher freshened for the 11th time on 2-25-16 with a single buckling out of a sable sire so her kids can not be registered.   I intended to sell all my boers but Cher will stay a bit longer. Cher is retired from breeding.


Solo                            unregistered
DOB:  2/24/15           tan/ disbudded   
sire:  Sweetbriar ECT Dynamo  LA 85 (VV+)
           ss:  Sweetbriar MV Eldorado  LA 2-03 86 (VV+)
                    sss:  Flick's -Acres NIK Moonstone  LA 2-05 87 (VEV)
                    ssd:  CH Sweetbriar DSS Victoria  LA 6-05 91 (VEEE)
           sd:  Sweetbriar MFT Cattail  LA1-03 84 (+VAV)
                    sds:  Flick's -Acres NIK Moonstone  LA 2-05 87 (VEV)
                    sdd:  Sweetbriar GN Foxtail  LA 1-03 85(VEV+)
dam:  Sweetbriar Farm Cher
           ds:  Ram H Matisse
                    dss: Ram H Honker
                    dsd:  Ram H Kara
          dd:  Sweetbriar Farm Cygnet
                    dds:  Big trees Aspen
                    ddd:  WCQ Tri Quest Tru-LA
Solo was a twin.  She is 50% boer and 50% sable and is retained as a friend for Cher.  Solo freshened for the 3rd time on 2-23-18 with twins out of my sable buck, Focus.