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Sable Bucks (Purebred & American)

Sweetbriar MPF Jack Sparrow

Sweetbriar MPF Jack Sparrow  ai   AC1884722 (ADGA)
DOB: 2/24/17                              broken sungau/disbudded   (breeding fee $40)
Sire:  +*B  Pindell's ONF Mud Pie  LA 3-07 84 (+V+)
           ss:  +B Old-English New Foundation  LA 2-04 85 (+EV)
                    sss:  Old-English Xplorer
                    ssd:  SGCH Old-English Wild Flower  4*M  LA 3-04 91 (EEEE)
           sd:  Pindell's CPS Sweet Potato Pie 3*M
                    sds:  +*B Cherrypines SRS Samurai  LA 1-03 85 (VV+)
                    sdd:  Pindell's PWC Sarah 2*M   LA 4-05 89 (VVEE)

dam:  CH Sweetbriar GN Fern  LA 5-03  91 (VEEE)
           ds:  *B Sweetbriar HZ Gavin LA 3-06 88 (VVV)
                    dss: +B The PK Goats Rafe Hawkeye LA 5-03 91 (EEE)
                    dsd:  GCH Sweetbriar DS Sable Zorah LA 5-03 91 (EEEE)
          dd:  GCH Sweetbriar DS Sable Nightshade 10*M LA 9-02 91 (EEEV)
                    dds:  *B Tutts-Gate EXC Dark Star LA 9-06 90 (VEE)
                    ddd:  GCH Kids-Too Sable Seely 9*M LA 8-11 88 (VEEA)

Sparrow LA 1-04 87 (VEE)

Sparrow was a twin. He is a 3rd generation american sable but bred to a purebred or 3rd generation american doe, he will throw purebred kids under ADGA open herdbook rules. 

*B Old-English Jeronimo
2017 - photo courtesy Patti Black, Nut-N-Honey

*B Old-English Jeronimo     AC1862412 (ADGA)
DOB:  3/12/17                        brown & white/ disbudded        
sire:  *B Willow-Lane Elliott
           ss:  SG +*B Old-English Irwin  LA 6-02 90 (VEE)
                    sss:  SGCH Old-English Jack's Son  LA 8-04 91 (EEE)
                    ssd:  SG Old-English Remy  LA 3-04 87 (VEE+)
           sd:  SG Willow-Lane Lisanne  9*M  LA 6-03 91 (EEEE)
                    sds:  SG +*B Cisco DRL Juliana Mint  LA 6-02 92 (EEE)
                    sdd:  SG Willow-Lane Tori 8*M  LA 7-03 92 (EEEE)
dam:  GCH Old-English Caprice 6*M  LA 3-03 90 (VVEE)
           ds:  *B Old-English Blaine  LA 1-02 83 (+V+)
                    dss:  GCH *B Old-English White Oak  LA 2-02 87 (+EV)
                    dsd:  SGCH Old-English Fontaine 4*M  LA 5-03 90 (VEEE)
           dd:  SGCH Old-English Arianna 5*M  LA 5-02 92 (EEEE)
                    dds:  SG +B Loughlin's Dream Maker's Fox
                    ddd:  SGCH Old-English Xstacy 4*M  LA 5-04 92 (EEEE)
"JJ" is co-owned with Susan Mitchell/Red Bird Ridge and Patti Black/Nut-N-Honey. His dam, Caprice was 1st place 3 yr old and 2nd udder at the 2015 ADGA National Show.  JJ is a 1st generation american sable.

Royalty Rowan Renovator

Royalty Rowan Renovator     C1944806 (ADGA)                                      
DOB: 2/26/18       broken sungau/ wattles/ disbudded   (breeding fee $40)     
sire:  *B Odeon Montgomery
           ss:  *B Talache's Fargo
                    sss:  +B Pindell's ONF Road Base  LA 3-07 84 (+V+)
                    ssd:  Klisse's KOOH Fifth Avenue  LA 5-03 90 (VEEE)
           sd:  GCH Talache's Selma 8*M  LA 6-04 91 (EEEE)
                    sds:  Talache's Eldon  LA 7-04 88 (VEE)
                    sdd:  Talache's Seneca 7*M  LA 5-04 85 (VEE+)
dam:  CH Sweetbriar MC Rowan  LA 7-04 91 (EEEV)
           ds:  Flick's-Acres NIK Moonstone  LA 2-06 87 (VEV)
                    dss:  Flick's-Acres Cal Niklas
                    dsd:  CH Lake-Country Moon at Night
           dd:  Sweetbriar KV Calypso
                    dds:  *B Two-Ceders Valentina's Kingpin  LA 2-04 84 (++V)
                    ddd:  CH Sweetbriar DSS Victoria  LA 6-06 (VEEE)

Another jr herdsire! Thank you Ben Sims, Royalty Dairy Goats!  "Ren" was a twin and is purebred.  I'm pleased to get a Rowan son back in my herd and Ren is out of a well-bred  west-coast sire.

*B Sherry's Quest Surefire

*B Sherry's Quest Surefire     AC1930235 (ADGA)                                      
DOB: 3/24/18       brown & white/ disbudded   (breeding fee $40)     
sire:  *B Sherry's Holt Vision Quest
           ss:  *B Sherry's SUV Holt
                    sss:  +*B Sherry's RBT Vesuvius  LA 4-05 90 (VEE)
                    ssd:  SG Sherry's Buckle Hafwen 12*M LA 5-11 86 (+VEV)
           sd:  SG Sherry's Hagrid Vision 10*M  LA 2-06 86 (++VE)
                    sds:  ++*B Sherry's TSM Hagrid  LA 7-06 89 (VEV)
                    sdd:  SG Sherry's C Velma  LA 7-06 90 (VEVE)
dam:  SG Sherry's A Fireproof 13*M  LA 2-06 89 (VVVE)
           ds:  SG Briarwind Shaman Arcturus
                    dss:  Briarwind Shaman
                    dsd:  Briarwind Taesar Arielle
           dd:  SG Sherry's Temple Singe 12*M  LA 4-06 85 (VVEA)
                    dds:  *B Sherry's MC Temple
                    ddd:  SG Sherry's Hagrid Smoke 11*M  LA 6-05 90 (VEEE)

My new jr herdsire! Thank you Sherry Panuska!  Surefire was a triplet.  He is a 2nd generation American sable.  His maternal granddam, Singe, is in the top 10 - 2016 Performance Breed Leaders in milk production, butterfat and protein.